• Wonder Week (Grades 1-4)

    Wonder Week is for campers who have completed grades 1 through 4.This program is an action-packed week for campers to enjoy all of the activities and evening programs that camp has to offer. Wonder Week campers are led by counselors who are skilled in interacting with this age group. Campers enjoy a first taste of camp with some extra support to allow for an easier adjustment to a week away from home. Wonder Week is placed in our August session to give the campers a more enriched first experience.

    First session One and Two week option

    This is for campers who have been to camp before, may have siblings in first session or may have alternative summer plans that make August untenable. We recognize the need for some flexibility, however, we can’t illustrate enough how much better August is for those campers not quite ready for first session or experiencing camp for the first time.


    Cochavim (Grades 1-4)

    This group of campers, who have completed grades 1 through 4, rotate through several program periods, as well as a free swim and rest period each day. They receive excellent instruction in each program area, always with an emphasis on participation and fun. Evenings are a definite highlight as every night the staff plans fantastic original programs.

    Ruach (Grades 5-6)

    The unit of Ruach holds the true spirit of Camp BB Riback. The focus of Ruach is for the campers to have opportunities everyday to learn new things at daily rotations, establish new friendships, and experience the magic of Camp BB throughout their time here. 

    Machon (Grades 7-8)

    Our Machon group is made up of campers who have completed grades 7 and 8. In addition to the regular co-ed daily programming, for 3 sessions a week, Machon campers learn to express and form opinions on current world and Judaic issues. They also create close friendships with an amazing off-site trip that they will never forget.

    Leadership Training (Grade 9 and 10)

    The Leadership Training Program at Camp BB Riback is for campers who have just completed grade 9. Above and beyond regularly participating in all of the exciting areas that camp has to offer, LTP campers are involved in many informative leadership sessions and special activities. Off-site trips provide LTPs with an opportunity to bond and form lifelong friendships. The full summer program is recommended for the Leadership Training Program.

    Counselors in Training (Grade 11)

    The Counselor in Training Program will prepare participants to be staff at Camp BB Riback. The program will challenge campers to think creatively in order to prepare them to deal with adversity, overcome their fears, and learning to rely on each other — skills which are not only important at camp, but ones which are transferrable to any work or academic environment.  Guided by a strong and experienced staff team, CIT campers will learn about teamwork, Judaism, programming, and childcare. To compound this, CIT campers will gain experience working with campers under the mentorship of Cochavim, Ruach, and Machon counsellors. CIT campers will also learn about running specialty areas with training from the area staff. By the conclusion of the summer, CIT campers will leave with a strong sense of unity with each other and the camp community. Their last summer in this perfect world, will be one they will never forget. 

    Inclusion Program

    In 2019, we introduced our inclusion program. We partnered with Between Friends to give our campers more care and attention. In addition, we redesigned the Galilee cabin to act as a library and quiet space for any campers or staff who need some time to decompress. Please feel free to contact us for more information if you feel this would benefit your child.

    Outdoor Adventure Tripping Program

    We are pleased to be able to offer campers in Grades 7 through 11 safe, exciting and dynamic out tripping and outdoor experiences off of our main camp property. Our guides work alongside our counsellors to take our youth on outdoor adventures and camping trips in the mountainous Kananaskis Country and other areas. Activities often include hiking, rock climbing, river canoeing, geo caching, and whitewater rafting.