• Specialty Areas

  • Waterfront

    The Sam Ousher Switzer foundation has paid for several new sections to our dock. It is going to look amazing and it will keep our campers and The Moomba Outback V safe. This summer, our facilities committee will be adding a new deck to the waterfront as well, as part of our three-tiered restoration of the area. The waterfront staff will continue to deliver our enhanced Learn-To-Ski/Board Program. The program entails various different options while on the lake, such as water skiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding. The new program, focused on skill-development and fun, will give each camper the chance to learn how to get up and gain the full experience when water skiing, wakeboarding and knee boarding. At the end of the session, campers will be given a certificate/award for the various levels and activities that they have completed over the session.

  • Canoes and Kayaks

    Camp BB is right on the shore of Pine Lake, giving us the option to run numerous waterfront activities. There are a number of canoes and kayaks owned by camp which gives us the luxury of running a full canoe and kayak rotation where campers of every age and skill level will get the chance to learn the fundamentals according to Paddle Alberta and Paddle Canada standards. It is the goal of the waterfront staff to teach these following fundamentals including general knowledge, safety, emergency precautions/procedures, paddling and manoeuvring skills.

  • Pool

    We recently added new pool heaters and refurbished the deck. This summer we will installed a new liner and made some very cool improvements to one of our featured areas.  Followed by a renaming of the pool; The Faigel and Lenny Shapiro Aquatics Area. At the pool, campers will get the chance to learn how to improve various swim strokes that will turn them into a safer, better, stronger and more skilled swimmer. Camp BB is dignified with a heated pool that is 6 meters wide and 18 meters long, which was donated by Harry and Martha Cohen on July 14th, 1968. There is also a free swim period that is offered consistently throughout the week where each unit group will get the chance to have a full free swim period to play in the pool.

  • zip

  • Zip

    The campers will ascend up the pole on a climbing belay system. As they stand on the  brand new Zip Line platform and are being prepared for the adventure down the line, they will see a truly majestic view of the entire altitude course and surrounding forest. The supportive and encouraging altitude team works with each camper to give them a personal sense of accomplishment and adventure. Our Zip Line lets campers challenge themselves and experience the thrill of zooming down the 50 meter line 30 feet in the air!

  • Ropes Course

    Our brand new ropes course has two parts: the high and low elements. The low elements include various activities that get campers to work with their peers and staff to develop important trust, communication, friendship and team work skills. The high elements have campers overcome fears and challenges as they are suspended 40 feet in the air, climbing and walking across wires, bridges and ropes elements. Campers will be challenged both mentally and physically as they enjoy a truly unique and adventurous course.

  • Climbing Wall

    Camp BB’s rock climbing wall has three sides and various climbing routes to challenge campers of all ages and skill levels. Our knowledgeable altitude staff will belay the campers as they develop climbing skills, mental focus, race to beat their best times, try new routes and work their way up the level system. Tandem climbing started last summer and allows two climbers to simultaneously work together to overcome obstacles or race up the sides of the beginner wall against each other in some friendly competition.

  • Horses

    Through our partnership with Ghost Pine Stables, Camp BB rents horses each summer season for campers and staff to ride. At the horse rotation, campers will get to learn how to safely get on and off around a horse, how to properly brush a horse, how to saddle a horse, how to steer and most importantly, get the chance to ride a horse around the corral or on many of Camp BB’s designated horse trails. At the start of the session, each cabin’s first horse rotation will consist of safety rules and learning how to properly steer a horse to ensure that each camper is ready to ride safely.

  • Discovery

    At the discovery rotation (formerly known as Kibbutz), campers will participate in fun games and activities to connect with nature and the natural world. They learn skills such as how to properly and safely build a fire, how to pitch a tent, how to cook over an open fire, gardening and gathering edible planted and wild foods, and how to build a shelter. We work towards helping campers gain an understanding and life-long appreciation of nature and the wilderness and developing a safe skillset for when one is camping or venturing with their family or own their own.

  • Bikes

    Camp BB’s bike specialty area gives children and young adults the chance to explore around various bike trails and challenge all campers regardless of skill and age levels. Our experienced bikes staff will be able to teach anyone who doesn’t currently know how to ride a bike as well as introduce a level system to track which routes, trails and ramps each camper has been through. Each camper who attends bikes will get their own bike and helmet equipment for that rotation.

  • Sports

    At Camp BB’s sports rotation, campers of every age bracket will get the chance to develop sportsmanship and fair play skills while having fun. Campers get exercise and regular activity through numerous traditional and new sports and games. The sporting activities range from games such as basketball, beach volleyball, pickle ball, hockey, soccer, dodge ball, kickball, parachute games, tag, and other favourites, as well as new games designed to level the playing field and encourage fun and fairness for campers of all physical abilities and aptitudes.

  • Creative Arts-Arts & Crafts, Pottery, & Jewelry

    Arts & Crafts, Pottery, Jewelry and more! Welcome to every creative mind’s favorite area on camp. With our supply filled closet, the A&C is a place where anyone can become an artist. The A&C program is comprised of three artistic disciplines: Pottery, Arts & Crafts, and Jewelry. In Pottery, young campers learn the basics of hand building, while older campers get a small taste of making vases on the pottery wheel. In Arts & Crafts, we paint, draw, and create innovative craft projects thought up by our very own A&C staff. You’ll know your child had a great time in Jewellery when they come home with a wrist full of seed bead and embroidery bracelets! The A&C provides an environment where campers of all ages can express their creativity, learn about art, and take home a little piece of camp to remind them of their magical summer.

  • Performing Arts/Film 

    Performing Arts is a specialty rotation that is focused on drama, performance and age unit musicals. Throughout the session, campers will have the opportunity to work on either a live performance, a film project or both. Each participant will have an opportunity to learn how to write, interpret, establish shots, sing, dance and direct in our burgeoning arts program.