• Frequently Asked Questions

    How do campers travel to and from camp?

    We offer transportation from (and to) both Edmonton and Calgary. Edmonton buses depart/arrive from the Beth Israel Synagogue and Calgary buses depart/arrive from the Calgary Beth Tzedec Synagogue. If you are traveling from out of the province, we provide transportation to and from camp from the Calgary International Airport. We strongly discourage parents from driving their campers directly to our campsite because our bus transportation is part of our summer experience!

    How do I contact my child while they are at camp?

    We strongly encourage keeping in touch with your children while they are at camp.

    You can send them to our summer address: Camp BB Riback, c/o CAMPERS NAME, 201-24508 TWP Rd 361, Red Deer County, Alberta, T0M 1R0. You can also send packages (no food permitted) to the same address. We are able to accept UPS, Purolator but we STRONGLY SUGGEST CANADA POST.

    Phone calls are not permitted, as we do our best to preserve the integrity of the camp experience.

    Is Camp BB Riback Kosher?

    No, we are not certified kosher. However, we have separate eating dishes.

    My child's birthday falls during camp. How do you celebrate?

    Birthdays are special at camp! We like to make our birthday camper feel special by having them raise or lower our flag and skip around the dining hall. After dinner, birthday campers get the unique exception to call home and enjoy a delicious birthday cake with their cabin mates before bed.

    I can't afford to send my child to camp. Do you provide scholarships?

    We do our best to provide opportunities for all campers to attend camp, despite financial backgrounds. See more information about our financial assistance here.

    We encourage any of those families who are interested in receiving financial assistance to get started on the process in September in order to split up any payments over a longer period of time, and ensure funds are available.

    If you are from Edmonton, please contact the Jewish Federation. If you are from Calgary, we work with the Integrated Bursary Program through the Calgary Jewish Federation.

    Is your child a first time Jewish summer camp, camper? Check out the One Happy Camper sponsorship program here through the Foundation for Jewish Camp.

    If you have a camper living out of province, contact the camp office to see if travel bursaries are available.

    Do you celebrate Shabbat? How?

    We certainly do! Shabbos is a very special time at Camp BB Riback. On Friday night, we bring in Shabbat with a musical procession, that picks up all our campers from their cabins and takes the united camp to the Chadar (dining hall) together. The chadar is specially decorated for shabbat, blessings are recited, and a delicious Shabbos meal is enjoyed. After dinner, a short Shabbat service is conducted, followed by our signature Shirah (Hebrew song session), which is conducted outdoors, weather permitted. Our younger campers enjoy a Judaic related evening program, while our older campers partake in Sichot (Jewish discussion topics groups). Saturday morning begins with a sleep-in and followed by breakfast. Another set of short Shabbat services are conducted, followed by special Saturday programming. Shabbat closes Saturday evening with a traditional camp Havdallah service.

    My son or daughter wants to be placed in a cabin with their friend. Can I request this?

    You can certainly let us know of your child’s request, but we make no guarantees that this placement can be made. We work very hard to ensure that cabin placements are diverse and integrate all our campers equally and fairly. Chofesh (or rest period) is always an opportunity for your child to spend time with their friends who are not in their own cabin.

    Do you accept campers with disabilities?

    Of course! Contact the camp office to discuss your particular camper further. We aim to integrate our youth, regardless of ability.

    I hear you are accredited with the Alberta Camping Association. What does that even mean?

    Being accredited with the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) means that our camp meets hundreds of accreditation standards and values quality and safety in all aspects of our operation. For more information, visit the Alberta Camping Association website here.

    Do campers and/or staff have to be Jewish to attend Camp BB Riback?

    No! Although we partake in certain Judaic cultural, religious activities and traditions, most of our campers and staff are Jewish, we definitely have both non-Jewish campers and staff. We welcome everyone, regardless of their religious background and beliefs. Respect is of the utmost values we hold at Camp BB Riback.