High School Credits at Camp

  • We are very excited to welcome back a new level of skill development for CIT and LTP campers at Camp BB-Riback. This summer, campers have the opportunity to earn high school credits while having fun at camp! In partnership with Vista Virtual School we are offering Physical Education 10, Physical Education 20, and Physical Education 30. 

    Please Register after May 1, 2020 here

    Physical Education Requirements
    All three levels of PE require students to 
    • log hours in all 5 dimensions: Alternate Environment, Dance, Gymnastics/flexibility, Games and Individual Activities
    • complete ONE project per dimension (Approx.1-2 hours each)
    Specifically, here are the requirements for each level:
    PE 10
    • 3Credits – needs to log 50 hours plus the CPR component
    • 5 Credits – needs to log 80 hours plus the CPR component

    PE 20

    • 5 credits – needs to log 70 hours plus 10 hours of volunteering

    PE 30

    • 5 credits – needs to log 70 hours plus 10 hours of volunteering

    Our registrations for summer and the 2020/2021 school year open on May 1, so students can register for a course at this time. Have them specify its a summer course.

    Simply go to our website and click the Register Here link.
    Website: www.vvschool.ca