Programming Update : LTP 2 Second session

    Aug 2 to Aug 20

    The LTP 2 program will combine a CIT prep program with a more Dynamic leadership training specifically in philanthropy, time management, communications and fostering a Jewish life. It will also include a white water rafting trip. It will be led by our Jewish life manager, Shaked, who is just completing her IDF service. This is an exclusive offering for Grade 10 students going into Grade 11.

    Registration and Hiring are open NOW!!!

    Sr. Staff Training June 15th

    Staff Training June 29th

    Wonderweekend is June 22 to June 25th

    First Session is July 9 to July 30

    Second Session is Aug 2 to Aug 21

    Wonderweek is Aug 2 to Aug 10

    We are so excited to open the 2023 season. We are thrilled to continue to evolve our programs as we have in the past two seasons. Our performing arts and creative programming has taken massive steps forward and we look forward to doing the same with our sports program. 

    Subsidies are available from both Calgary and Edmonton Federations. Applications will be open in the early spring. Those waiting on subsidy automatically receive the Early Bird Discount until their application is reviewed.

    There is no CIT program for 2023. It will return in 2024 for students completing grade 11.

    LTP is now a 2 year program and is open to students who have completed grades 9 and 10.

    Our Wonderweek Program is a feature of second session and is highly suggested for first timers and camper in grades 1 to 4. However, the option to enroll in first session for one and two weeks is available at an extra cost for grades 1 through 6.

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    Summers of fun & adventure… LIFETIMES of friendships, memories, traditions, and skills.

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  • For more than 65 years, the traditions of Camp BB Riback are maintained and enhanced every summer by the enthusiasm and creativity of new and returning staff and campers. Camp is a magical opportunity to connect our roots in Judaism and the natural world with our visions of the future. Combining tradition and innovation, Camp BB Riback provides not only an unforgettable Jewish camp experience – but an unforgettable life experience as well.

    Children from grades 1 through 10 can expect an exciting and adventurous summer of activities along the shores of Pine Lake, Alberta. Parents can rest assured that the health and happiness of their children are the camp’s first priority and that the camp is accredited by The Alberta Camping Association. Through the camp’s awesome array of activities and innovative programs, children will not only have fun, develop lifelong friendships, Jewish traditions and magical memories but will also develop skills and competencies that will stay with them throughout their lives.

    There are many options for your family’s time and resources this summer. Thank you for considering Camp BB Riback as one of them. Please contact us to discuss your needs and goals for your child. Together we can determine if Camp BB Riback is right for you. We look forward to your family joining ours!

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  • I am just writing to say thank you for giving our daughter the possibility of enjoying herself like crazy, maturing so much so quickly, learning amazing values from Judaism and life in general, …in sum, there are no words to express our gratitude. We just want you to know that everything you did has influenced our daughter’s life forever and that we hope she can continue having you guys in her life for a long long time, in her own words until she becomes a counselor herself. We send each and all of you a big hug and infinite thanks for doing what you do with such passion and ethics, warmly Andrea, Tony and Solara (7 yr old Wonder Week Camper, 2013)

    — Andrea, Tony and Solara (7 yr old Wonder Week Camper, 2013)
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  • There’s more to preparing for adulthood than academic education. I believe if kids spent their summers in camp, they’d be better prepared for later decisions like whether to go to college, and how to make the best life for who they are.

    Spending seven summers at Camp…had well prepared him for the transition to college. We might have given him wings, but camp taught him to fly.

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